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Faculty & Staff

Q: What services does Academic Enhancement offer to UK faculty and staff?

A: Presentations and the Absent Professor Program are two services frequently used by all members of the UK community. Customized Study Smarter Seminars are available to groups of students upon request, and many UK staff members take advantage of the GRE Prep Courses. Individual Academic Consultations are also commonly sought by all members of the UK community from college freshmen, to graduate students, to medical Residents.

Q: Are the services provided by The Study intended to replace attending class?

A: Absolutely not. All of our services are a supplement to students' class attendance and designed to enhance the learning that is done in the classroom and corresponding assignments. The most successful students that access our services are those that regularly attend class and take advantage of peer tutoring on a regular basis.

Q: When should my student(s) access your services?

A: Our services are designed to provide support continuously throughout the semester. We do encourage a proactive and preventative approach, meaning that students should come early and often before they begin to struggle.

Q: How should I tell my students to prepare for peer tutoring?

A: Peer tutoring is most effective when the student has attended class, done the corresponding reading, and attempted assignments themselves. Our peer tutors are here to assist students in discovering their own answers by reviewing concepts and working through examples together. Peer tutors are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association and well trained in the Socratic Method and both one-on-one and small group tutoring.

Q: Why are the subjects tutored by undergraduates instead of graduate students in the field?

A: Academic Enhancement's peer tutoring program is based on research that demonstrates the effectiveness of students guiding students, as suggested by Vygotsky's theory of the zone of proximal development. All of our Peer Tutors have taken the courses in which they tutor and were successful in understanding the material as well as the dynamics of the class. This provides the students that access our services a special insight into how these subjects are taught at the University of Kentucky. It also provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Q: I have heard of the Absent Professor Program, how would I implement this into my class?

A: The Absent Professor Program was created to provide professors an opportunity to have instructors from Academic Enhancement speak on study strategies and academic success on days when professors are absent. Click here for more information and to request an instruction. Click here for more information and to request an instruction.



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