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Apps for Summer


Now that summer is in full swing, you may be looking for something to help pass the time. You take your smartphone with you everywhere, so why not fully take advantage of what it has to offer? Whether you’re looking for an outlet for your newfound boredom or want to use this time to get in shape or explore your town, you can use these free apps on your smartphone to help make the most of your summer.


If your taste buds are feeling a little restless, treat yourself to something new this summer with Yelp! Yelp uses your location to search for restaurants in your area and provides you with information on what’s great locally. I love this app because not only can you use Yelp to look up addresses and phone numbers, but you can also narrow your search by distance, different types of food, price and what’s open at the time. Yelp allows you to view menus, pictures and reviews from other Yelp users and, if your heart desires, you can even draft your own reviews. Yelp doesn’t stop at restaurants; you can also look up and write reviews for other business such as nail salons and gas stations!

Nike Training Club

If you want to whip yourself into shape this summer, Nike Training Club is what you need. Nike Training Club is a free collection of visual workout plans and video demos to help you perfect each exercise and also features workouts that are led by Nike athletes, like Maria Sharapova! Each workout has audio guidance that keeps you on track and motivated. You are able to select which muscles you want to train while earning points to measure your progress. You’ll never feel like you don’t know what your doing!  Nike Training Club also allows you to stream music from your phone’s music library while you work out and of course, the option to brag about share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter.



Soundcloud is not only an app where you can listen to the music you love and also an audio platform that allows sound creators to upload and share their originally created sounds. You start by choosing your favorite genres of music to launch your stream. This brings the music and artists you like to your stream and also introduces you to music you may be interested in.  You can also incorporate your favorite artists and friends into your stream by following them. Since Soundcloud allows users to upload their own creations, you can easily find remixes of your favorite songs and covers from amazing, undiscovered artists. Soundcloud also gives you the option to listen to existing playlists or create your own. This feature is perfect for a day at the pool when you can’t see your phone screen or anytime that you’re too busy to play DJ.


If you’re feeling a little chatty, you can check out YikYak. YikYak is an anonymous bulletin board that was popularized in college towns. YikYak allow you to anonymously connect with people in your area, or “herd.” You can ask questions, spread shout-outs and share jokes within your community. If you want to contribute to an existing post, you are able to comment on it. If you like something, you can “up-vote” it and if not, you can “down-vote” it.  On a rainy day, you can also use the ‘peek’ option to see what users are posting at different universities.


Lyft is an app where you can request an affordable ride anywhere, anytime with drivers from your community. Lyft is completely cash-free so all payments and tips are done through your debit or credit card on the app. Once you are matched with a driver, you are shown a picture of your driver and their car. You can also track your driver on your map! Every Lyft car has a pink mustache so that customers can identify their ride. At the end of the ride, you will be asked to rate the driver. Lyft drivers are required to maintain a 4.5 star rating or they aren’t allowed to drive. (Keep in mind that the drivers are also rating you and if you have a low rating it will be harder to get a ride.) If you’re concerned about safety, every Lyft driver undergoes a background check and tedious vehicle inspection. On top of that, Lyft has $1,000,000 in excess liability to cover bodily injury or property damage!

From setting the soundtrack to your summer, getting a ride or trying something new, these free apps can help you have your best summer yet. You can find these free apps in the iPhone App Store and Android Market!