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EPE 174

Theories of College Student Success

EPE 174 provides a framework for students who have questions such as: What is college all about? Why is higher education so important? How can I develop as a student in order to have a successful college experience? This course will include a variety of theories and research on and about college students to introduce basic concepts from the social sciences.  Students will use these concepts to develop their own questions surrounding the idea of success in higher education. Students will develop critical reading and thinking skills. 

This course takes a problem-based, conceptual approach to understanding college student success. This is not a study-skills course; students will utilize experiential learning, self-assessment and peer interaction while focusing on contemporary college life and individual achievement. This course provides an introduction to the material covered in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation (EPE) graduate courses; namely EPE 674: Theories of Student Development and EPE 632: Student Services.

This course fulfills the Social Sciences requirement for UK Core and is restricted to first and second year students.