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Study Skills Handouts

  • Dual Column Note Taking [PDF]
    The Cornell Method of note taking is a dual column process in which the main idea or concept is in one column and the details/examples are in the other. Fold the second column over (or cover with a blank page) for a ready-to-use study guide.
  • Critical Reading for Journal Articles [PDF]
    Journal articles require a different reading style than novels or textbooks. Strategies for reading them are different as well. This handout outlines key concepts found in journal articles that help students write papers or prepare for exams.
  • Increasing Reading Speed and Effectiveness [PDF
    With 100 pages to read in one night, every student wants to know how to read faster. This handout provides info for how to make the most of the reading while maintaining a fast pace. This doesn't mean those 100 pages will be finished in a half-hour!
  • How do I remember all this information? [PDF]
    Students often have four or more weeks of information to remember for one test. Besides doing the reading effectively, this handout provides tips for remembering all the information in various ways.
  • A System for Effective Listening and Note Taking [PDF]
    Note taking is truly a system. It takes practice and dedication to learn how to take effective notes. This handout breaks down the system for students into three stages of strategies for taking useful notes: before, during, and after class.
  • Tips for Studying and Managing Your Time [PDF]
    Students think they do their homework faster than they actually do. Have you ever stopped to time yourself reading five pages? It may take longer than you think. Having enough time to do homework in a unrushed manner is important for doing well. This handout also provides other tips for effective study skills.



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