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The Study is closed today, Tuesday the 16th for weather. It will re-open Wednesday the 17th.

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Academic Enhancement has merged with Presentation U! to become Transformative Learning. In Transformative Learning, services are student-responsive and programs are purposefully student-centered and designed to foster interactions that promote learning and attitudes towards academic life that are characteristic of successful college students. Our goal in Transformative Learning is to enhance students' academic experience as early and as often as possible. The staff strives to achieve this goal by working closely with students and faculty in the development of programs that will best serve the entire campus community.Transformative Learning includes:

Academic Success Initatives include a variety of programming designed to help students with the transition to college, enhance their academic skills, develop confidence in themselves as independent learners, and improve performance.  Our programs include

  • Transformative Learning Power Hours: A series of workshops on a variety of topics designed to provide just-in-time information and strategies for student success.  Themes include Math Matters, Study Strategies, College Life, and topics provided by our Campus Partners.
  • Individualized Academic Coaching (IAC) sessions by appointment.  
  • UK Core Study Hall: Drop in academic coaching for areas of the UK Core not covered by our PTP program--social sciences and humanities.
  • Office Hours @ The 90:  Drop-in tutoring provided by teaching assistants in specific courses
  • UK110 Academic Essentials: An 8 week, one credit course (pass/fail) that focuses on building academic confidence.  Developed in collaboration with the UK Library, students will identify essential academic skills including reading strategies for different kinds of texts (including online readings), how to manage information and create effective study guides and notes, and how to plan projects and make best use of available resources.  Academic Essentials is a perfect complement to UK101.

The Academic Preparation & Placement Testing for College Readiness (APP) helps first-year undergraduate students reach benchmarks of college readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics. Each fall, students are enrolled in this state mandated program based on entrance and placement test scores. In each of the three areas, students are met where they are academically through one credit workshop courses.  

The Peer Tutoring Program (PTP), commonly referred to as The Study, provides free drop-in tutoring primarily in UK Core mathematics, sciences, and business courses.  Tutoring will be provided this fall at The Study South (3rd floor of Commons Complex) and The Study North (1st floor of Champions Court I).  There is no subject specific tutoring during the Summer; visit Presentation U! for assistance.

Presentation U! is a state of the art multimodal communication center offering tutoring for students and support services for faculty to increase oral, written, and visual communication competence both inside and outside the classroom, as part of UK's Quality Enhancement Plan for SACS-COC accrediation.