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Students are required to take an English/Writing test if he/she has

  • an ACT English score below 18 or
  • an SAT score below 430 in Writing if taken prior to March 2016 or
  • an SAT score below 25 on the Writing Test if taken from March 2016 forward

Effective January 1, 2017 the University of Kentucky has selected the ACCUPLACER testing system to evaluate students’ skills in writing.  Students may choose to take the ACCUPLACER test on UK’s campus or at a pre-approved testing center that is more convenient to the student.


To schedule an appointment to test on campus, click here. Tests are held in the basement of W.T. Young Library Room B – 108A.  The placement test is free but there may be a fee to park on campus. 

To schedule an appointment to test remotely at a testing center close to home, click here.  Once the placement office has processed your request, you will receive a confirmation email that contains your unique voucher number, registration information and remote test site information. You must take the voucher to the Remote Test Site in order to test.

Testing Study Strategy: If you need to take the placement test, we want you to do your best and encourage you to practice prior to taking the test. Download the FREE ACCUPLACER study app at


Retest Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with your initial score, you may retest once.  We will use your highest score for placement.  Students enrolled in UK 130 are not eligible to take or retake the ACCUPLACER Writing test.

Want to know more about ACCUPLACER?  Please visit our Placement Test Frequently Asked Questions page at