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Peer Tutor Hiring FAQs

1. Where do I go to apply?

Students who wish to apply to become Peer Tutors should access the UK Jobs website, located at the following web address:

2. What should I search to find the available positions?

After selecting “student jobs,” on the UK jobs website, you will be able to search “Transformative Learning” in the search bar and the available positions will be shown.

3. What if there are no positions listed?

If there are no results from the “Transformative learning” search, then we are not currently hiring for any positions. The Study primarily hires for Spring semesters starting in October and for Fall semesters starting in March.  This is the best time to look for available positions.  However, occationally we have the need to hire mid-semester so please check regularly to see if anything has come available.

4. If I earned a B instead of an A should I still bother applying?

Absolutely! While your overall grade is important, we know that some classes are just plain difficult. It will not affect whether or not you are offered a position with Transformative Learning if you received a B in the class instead of an A.

5. If I am currently enrolled in the course I want to tutor, should I still apply?

Yes!  If you are currently enrolled in a course you want to tutor please submit your application.  Just be aware, if you are offered a position it will be contingent upon completion of that course with an A or B and you will not be able to start work until the following semester (i.e. applicants applying during the spring semester will not start until the fall, and applicants applying during the fall semester will not start until the spring)

6. I am interested in tutoring more than one subject.  Do I need to submit an application for each subject?

No, you can simply complete one application for the subject you are most interested in tutoring.  On the application there is space to list all subjects you are qualified and interested in tutoring.

7. When is training?

Our largest training days take place every August and every January. These are always the Monday and Tuesday before classes start, and both days are mandatory for all Peer Tutors. New Peer Tutors also complete online modules prior to in-person training in August/January.  Tutors hired after August in the fall and after January in the spring will be trained using a combination of the online modules and shadowing current peer tutors.

8. What will a new Peer Tutor learn at training?

Training is the first step in the College Reading and Learning Association certification process. Peer Tutors will receive training on effective tutoring methods, such as the Socratic Method and active listening.  They also learn about campus resources, effective study habits, and productive interpersonal communication skills.

9. Who should I contact if I have other questions that aren’t answered here?

Please contact Christie Maier, Assistant Director for Peer Tutoring, if you have additional questions about the hiring process.