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The Study does not offer any peer tutoring services over the summer. Services will resume beginning at the Fall 2017 semester. 


Workshop Requests

At your request, Transformative Learning staff are available to present on a variety of topics in almost any setting. We are happy to provide presentations in class, on campus, or in residence halls. Our presenters are energetic, dynamic, and try to make the sessions interactive and enjoyable for the participants.

Below are descriptions for the currently available workshops we offer. To request a workshop, please CLICK HERE.

Multimodal Communication & Composition


Effective Speech Delivery

This hour will focus on providing key strategies for increasing your verbal and nonverbal delivery effectiveness. We will take the mystery out of mastering your speech!

Presentational Aids & Slide Design

Make your power point be the envy of your classmates and professor! This Power Hour will cover best practices in design, content, and integrating your presentation aid effectively within your presentation.

Making the Perfect Pitch

Whether you’re in front of a potential employer or key stakeholders; crafting and delivering the perfect persuasive speech is a critical skill today. This workshop will provide the organizational and delivery best practices that will ensure survival in any shark tank!

Stop! Grammar Time

Tired of getting points taken off your papers for grammatical errors? Come to this Power Hour and become the grammar expert your mom (and professor) always wanted you to be!

The Writing Process

Avoid desperately staring at a blank screen the night before a paper is due! This hour will teach a process for managing the paper writing process, efficient research tips, and source citations.

Speech Preparation: Outlining 101

An A+ speech is made in the outlining process; make sure you get the best start possible!

Visual Communication & Literacy

Learn to research, analyze, design, and incorporate appropriate visuals into your course work and assignments. Whether you are creating a Prezi or critiquing media representations; this workshop will help you practice using visuals more effectively.

Group Projects & Presentations

Come alone or with your group to learn how to work cohesively and ensure a great final project. 

Technical Writing

This workshop covers essential information related to technical writing including organization, language usage, audience analysis, and development of effective visuals within papers.

Study Skills

Study Cycle

Make the most of your study time by adopting this simple and intentional study plan. You will learn strategies that can be implemented immediately into your study routine.

Exam Preparation & Test Anxiety

Make exam prep less stressful and more productive by including these helpful strategies into your life.

Succeeding in a Large Lecture

Best practices for note taking, using technology effectively, avoiding procrastination, & tips on forming successful study groups.

Critical Reading Strategies

Critical reading takes a reader beyond recognizing what a text says and simply restating it to actively recognizing and analyzing evidence upon a page. Particular emphasis will be paid to critical reading within digital texts.

Public Speaking for Professionals (available for Facuty & Staff)

Focused on best practices in verbal and nonverbal delivery, presentational aids, and audience engagement.

Math Matters: Taking Notes

This workshop is a great opportunity to apply note-taking strategies to your math class.  Students will work through several examples with the facilitator and review skills related to organization.

Math Matters: Preparing for an Assessment

Characteristics of successful study groups, methods for reviewing, identifying questions, and managing time in preparation for an exam will be discussed.

Math Matters: Applying Math to the Real World

Have you ever asked yourself “when will I ever use this?” when it comes to math?  This power hour will apply math concepts to the world around you through engagement with distance, careers, games, and nature.


We also offer a facility tour and an introductory presentation about the services that we and our partner programs offer.