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Academic Enhancement has designed a number of workshops for UK students to access, not only in their first semester or two, but all the way to graduation! Depending on admission status, some students may be automatically enrolled in both UK 101 and APP workshops, but any student can sign up and is encouraged to consider talking to their academic advisors about enrolling in a workshop! For those students who are auto-enrolled, the workshop(s) will already be on your course schedule when you register for classes. Below are details about each APP workshop, along with sample syllabi.

APP Workshop for Reading - UK 100 (sample syllabus)
The reading workshop is a great opportunity for students to enhance their critical reading skills! These strategies are crucial to being successful at UK and Academic Enhancement instructors are experts in helping students read more effectively and more efficiently. Assignments will be based on both the UK Common Reading Experience and on required readings from other courses in which students are concurrently enrolled.

APP Workshop for Writing - UK 100 (sample syllabus)
The writing workshop provides opportunities for students to enhance all areas of writing: content, structure, grammar, transitions, etc. Sections are small so students will have the opportunity to work closely with Academic Enhancement instructors, review each other's work, offer suggestions, and continually enhance analytical writing skills that are required by courses in all colleges and majors.

APP Workshop for Math - UK 090 (sample syllabus)
This unique math workshop provides an individualized experience in which students focus on areas of math that are most important to them. The primary objective is for students to learn and retain the knowledge and skills required to continue to be successful in subsequent mathematics courses and beyond. However, students will continue to have access to the workshops and can even drop in once they've enrolled in a 100-level math class to hone their skills, refresh certain topics, and ensure they're on track for continued success in math.

Each workshop is designed to help students move on to the next level of coursework. To facilitate this process, students are given opportunities to take placement exams. Once students who were automatically enrolled in a workshop have passing placement scores, the student should schedule a meeting with an academic advisor. The advisor will discuss with the student the progress that has been made and options for moving into the student's chosen college and major.

At any point in their career at UK, students are welcome to access Academic Enhancement's APP workshops. As students progress into upper division coursework, there may be times that these workshops could support students in advancing their skills to meet the challenges presented at the next level. Contact your academic advisor to discuss how to register for any of the APP workshops!



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