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The Study does not offer any peer tutoring services over the summer. Services will resume beginning at the Fall 2017 semester. 


Transformative Learning Staff

Dr. Molly Reynolds

Executive Director of Transformative Learning

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise:

  • Multimodal Communication (MCXC)
  • Instructional & Interpersonal Communication
  • Professional and curriculum development, support, & design
  • First year student retention
  • Tutor training (CRLA)

Molly A. Reynolds is the Executive Director of Transformative Learning and Director of Presentation U!  Before serving as the Executive Director, Molly served as the Faculty Fellows & Student Tutoring coordinator and a faculty lecturer in the Division of Instructional Communication and Research.  Molly completed her PhD in 2013 and has focused her teaching and research on interpersonal and instructional communication. 



Dr. Tourgeé D. Simpson, Jr.

Associate Director of Transformative Learning

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise: 

  • Human Resource Policy & Development 
  • Adult Learning 
  • Student Engagement 
  • Career Education 
  • Training and Leadership 

Tourgeé D. Simpson, Jr. started in the division of Student and Academic Life at UK as NSE Coordinator prior to his appointment as Student Affairs Director for Academic Enhancement and Associate Director for Transformative Learning.  His primary responsibility included academic readiness, peer tutoring, and academic coaching.  Most recently, Tourgeé provides consultations and develops student-centered academic support programming, curriculum, and strategy for student success. Notably, Simpson is collaborating with Living Learning Programs and college units to develop academic and retention strategies that lead to student success in and outside of the classroom.   Prior to his arrival, Simpson served as Associate Director for Incept: New Student Orientation at Georgia State University, Instructor of STEM and Assistant Director of Academic Advising at Old Dominion University,  and Resident Director at University of California, Santa Barbara.  Tourgeé obtained a PhD in Occupation and Technical Studies from the Darden College of Education at Old Dominion University.  Teaching experience includes STEM education, diversity, major exploration, leadership development, career education, and first-year experience.



Rachael Deel

Assistant Director for Presentation U!

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise:

  • Multimodal Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Gender & Education
  • Higher Education Policy
  • Peer tutor training
  • Academic Coaching

Rachael Deel is the Assistant Director for Presentation U!. Prior to this position she served as the Marketing Director for Transformative Learning beginning in 2014. Rachael is a doctoral candidate currently working on her dissertation in the College of Education, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation Department. Both her Bachelor and Masters Degrees are in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. 



Penny Robinson 

Assistant Director for Academic Preparation & Placement

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise

  • Developmental education
  • Utilizing an adaptive learning system for math instruction
  • Math anxiety
  • Implementation of emporium model in developmental math program

Penny Robinson is the Assistant Director for Academic Preparation and Placement in the division of Transformative Learning.   Penny brings to  the Transformative Learning  team over 25 years of experience  in various capacities of higher education, including having served as an instructor and coordinator for the Math Academic Preparation Program since its inception in 2011. In addition to her background in developmental education and years of experience teaching mathematics, she also advised undecided and pre-professional students at the University of Kentucky. Penny received her BA in Mathematics from Maryville College in Tennessee and her Master of Science  degree in Mathematics Education with a concentration in Higher Education from the University of Kentucky.



Christie Maier

Assistant Director for Peer Tutoring

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise:

  • Peer Leadership
  • College Student Development
  • Program Administration
  • Peer Tutor Training
  • Academic Coaching

Christie Maier currently serves as the Assistant Director for Peer Tutoring, overseeing the administration of The Study’s Peer Tutoring Program.  Christie joined the team in January 2015, starting as the Program Coordinator, and brought with her extensive experience in peer leadership and a passion of student success.  Christie holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University and a M.Ed. in Student Affairs and Higher Education from the University of South Carolina.



Chance Davenport

Assessment Coordinator 

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise:

  • Programmatic Student Learning Outcomes
  • Program Assessment
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Rubric Development and Implementation
  • Instructional Communication; Interpersonal Communication

Chance Davenport is the Assessment Coordinator of Transformative Learning.  Chance joined the Transformative Learning team in May 2015, and is responsible for the assessment of Transformative Learning’s programming and services.  Chance holds an M.A. in Communication (foci in Interpersonal and Instructional) from the University of Kentucky and a B.A. in Communication, minor in Spanish, from the University of Kentucky.



Heidi Morrow

Business Officer

Areas of Expertise:

  • HR Policy & Procedures
  • Organizational Change
  • Business Procedures
  • Payroll

Heidi Morrow is the Business Officer/ HR Specialist for Transformative Learning. Heidi has over 10 years of business and human resource management experience at UK. She received her BBA from UK Gatton College of Business and Economics, in 2004. Her professional interests are organizational change and employee engagement.



Michael Vallon

Instructional Technology

Areas of Research Interest and Expertise

  • Information Technology in Academia
  • Web Administration and Development
  • Multimedia in Video and Audio
  • Desktop Support and Administration

Michael Vallon is the [Information Technology....?] for Transformative Learning. Mike has worked in various departments for UK since 2012, including the Survey Research Center, UKAT/IT, and The Graduate School, particularly in IT and Web development. He received his bachelors degree in both Philosophy and German from UK in 2013.  



Dr. Brandi Frisby

Faculty Advisor for Presentation U!