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Study Smarter Seminars

Study Smarter SeminarsThe Study Smarter Seminar is a one-time seminar designed to help students study more effectively and efficiently. This three-hour workshop teaches students to study smarter, not harder. Seminars includes tips to improve: note taking, critical reading, goal setting, self-testing strategies, test-taking anxiety and time management. As well as how to incorporate technology into studying to make life easier!

You will receive three hours of instruction in a small, informal classroom setting and all course materials, including “The Skinny On College Student Success” textbook, which students may keep and use as a resource throughout their college career.

To request a Study Smarter Seminar, please click here, and select "Study Smarter Seminar" on the Workshop option. 

* These are for group settings. Please contact us if you have more questions concerning this.