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Ace Your Interview

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Our time in college is spent bettering ourselves, increasing our knowledge, and working towards finding a career. The last part, finding a career, can be incredibly stressful. It can become a juggling act with school, work, and filling out applications for your first real job with the clock ticking towards graduation. But once you have filled out those applications, what’s next? Hopefully you hear back from a company requesting an interview. An interview is your time to shine, show them what you are made of and all you have worked for.

Find the Right Job For You

finding the right job

With May approaching, our seniors are beefing up their resumes, exploring the Internet for job applications, and above all trying to find what their future holds for them. If you’re like myself, and graduating in May, all you have on your mind is where can I find a job that is suitable for me?

The Resume You Need

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The average employer spends six seconds looking at a resume. Six. Seconds! That means that you only have those few seconds to convince a future employer to keep you in the running for a job. The basics are important—your resume must be easy to read and free of mistakes. If you aren’t sure where to start, use a template from a reputable source (like these from the Stuckert Career Center). But beyond that, your resume needs to be appropriate for the job in order to help you stand out.

Cover Letter Do's and Don'ts

Cover Letters

For graduating seniors, this time of year is filled with job searches, career fairs and writing the dreaded cover letters to each prospective employer. In the midst of midterms and spring break, writing a cover letter may be the last thing you want to start working on, especially because it can be so intimidating. As a crucial aspect of any job application, a cover letter can be the reason why you did or didn’t land that interview.  If you’re looking for ways to stand out against the others in such a competitive job market, here are some dos and don’ts to guide you along the way:

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