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The Benefits of Greek Life

Letters today, Leaders tomorrow

Greek life is one of the most popular topics for debate on a college campus. Either way, everyone ultimately has their own personal reasons for going Greek themselves. But, what does Greek life do for you when those wonderful college years are over? My opinion may be slightly biased as I am in a fraternity, but I would go as far to say that going Greek could make you more successful after college. According to USA Today, since 1825, every U.S. president, except three, has been a member of a fraternity.

The Resume You Need

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The average employer spends six seconds looking at a resume. Six. Seconds! That means that you only have those few seconds to convince a future employer to keep you in the running for a job. The basics are important—your resume must be easy to read and free of mistakes. If you aren’t sure where to start, use a template from a reputable source (like these from the Stuckert Career Center). But beyond that, your resume needs to be appropriate for the job in order to help you stand out.

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