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Six Courses For Next Semester


Midterms have come and gone and our long-awaited Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. Now that we’re officially in the nitty-gritty of the fall semester, it’s time to prepare for spring! This includes the somewhat stressful process that is registering for classes. Maybe you’re trying to prioritize what classes you need to graduate or struggling to get into the section you want by the time your window (finally) opens.

Taking the Syllabus Seriously

It’s “syllabus day,” arguably the best day of the semester. It’s the day you probably don’t have to take notes or listen to lectures. The day where your only responsibility is to collect your syllabus, and then stuff it somewhere into the black hole of papers we like to call a backpack. But, this wonderful first day of classes has the potential to either make or break your entire semester. How you choose to handle your syllabus ultimately determines your future stress levels and your final grades.

How To Email Your Instructor

how to email your instructor

Do you have a problem in class? Are you going to miss an assignment or exam?  Whether it's happened already or not, there comes a time in every college student’s life when they have to email a professor.  Rather than avoiding the inevitable, read these guidelines on how to compose a professional and productive email to your instructor.

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