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The Benefits of Greek Life

Letters today, Leaders tomorrow

Greek life is one of the most popular topics for debate on a college campus. Either way, everyone ultimately has their own personal reasons for going Greek themselves. But, what does Greek life do for you when those wonderful college years are over? My opinion may be slightly biased as I am in a fraternity, but I would go as far to say that going Greek could make you more successful after college. According to USA Today, since 1825, every U.S. president, except three, has been a member of a fraternity.

Nostalgia: Freshman Year

animal house

As another school year begins, I can only think about how fast the last three years have gone by. It felt like just yesterday that I was arriving for the first time on campus and moving into my dorm. I would give anything to be able to go back to that year. You see, freshman year was THE year. The only thing you needed to worry about was that the year would be over too soon. Freshman year is something that you will want to hold on to. By the time you are a senior, like myself, you will find yourself reminiscing on old stories and memories from that beloved first year.

Find the Right Job For You

finding the right job

With May approaching, our seniors are beefing up their resumes, exploring the Internet for job applications, and above all trying to find what their future holds for them. If you’re like myself, and graduating in May, all you have on your mind is where can I find a job that is suitable for me?

Taking the Syllabus Seriously

It’s “syllabus day,” arguably the best day of the semester. It’s the day you probably don’t have to take notes or listen to lectures. The day where your only responsibility is to collect your syllabus, and then stuff it somewhere into the black hole of papers we like to call a backpack. But, this wonderful first day of classes has the potential to either make or break your entire semester. How you choose to handle your syllabus ultimately determines your future stress levels and your final grades.

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