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Undergraduate Research

AMSTEMM students have the opportunity to work with faculty members who share their interests in one of the science or engineering disciplines. By working on well defined projects, students gain an understanding of scientific and laboratory methodologies while establishing professional ties with faculty members and others in a research setting. In many cases, students will have the opportunity to attend conferences to showcase their research by oral or poster presentation. Oftentimes, a student's work could be published in a refereed publication.

Student Testimonials

“My research experience has been fulfilling, challenging, and extremely interesting. I have been blessed with a wonderful lab 'family' and have reaped numerous rewards from my experience.”

“It was absolutely amazing. I loved the people I worked with, the knowledge I obtained, and the hands-on experience that will be applicable in future courses and research opportunities. The advantages (of) this program are immeasurable, and the opportunities it presents are infinite.”

AMSTEMM Research Fellowships

AMSTEMM students engaged in a research experience under the direction of a University of Kentucky faculty mentor, may apply for a research fellowship. These fellowships, awarded in the amount up to $1,000 for the fall and spring semesters, and up to $2,500 for the summer term, require that students be a registered AMSTEMM student, be in good academic standing, and be enrolled in one of the science or engineering majors.

For more information on finding a research mentor and/or applying for a fellowship, contact us.



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Undergraduate Research


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