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Academic Enhancement (The Study): The Study at the University of Kentucky provides a variety of resources in one central location to guide students to more effective learning.

APEX: The APEX degree audit software offers an opportunity to evaluate a student’s current progress within their respective degree program and minor.

Bucks for Brains: This exciting program provides undergraduates at the University of Kentucky with hands-on experience in academic research, working alongside faculty.

Chellgren Center: The mission of the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence is to advance the University of Kentucky's commitment to three broad areas: Student Excellence, Teaching Excellence, and Program Excellence.

First Scholars Program: The First Scholars Program offers resources to support students who are in the first in their family to attend college.

MathExcel Program: Calculus Among Friends: MathExcel is a special version of first-year calculus at the University of Kentucky designed to give capable students the best chance to excel in Calculus.

Mathskeller: Math Resource Center: The center is a computing and mathematics learning center of the Mathematics Department and the Mathematical Sciences Computing Facility at the University of Kentucky.

Office for Institutional Diversity: This site provides information and links to the wealth of programs, activities, initiatives and statistics that focus on UK’s abiding commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The Office of Undergraduate Research: The Office of Undergraduate Research is dedicated to providing coordination, leadership and support for the many programs at the University of Kentucky designed to promote undergraduate research, scholarship, and creativity.

Robinson Scholars: The Robinson Scholars Program serves first generation college-bound and college students who have demonstrated the potential to succeed but who might encounter economic, cultural, or institutional impediments to their completion of four-year college degrees.

SPUR (Society for the Promotion of Undergraduate Research): The Society for the Promotion of Undergraduate Research is a Student Organization at the University of Kentucky that provides opportunities for undergraduates interested in research.

Student Success: The Student Success website is your one-stop shop for advice and information on the academic services offered at the University of Kentucky.

Student Support Services: Student Support Services is a federally funded program designed to work with students who are first generation, low income, and have a documented disability. 

Undergraduate Studies: Undergraduate Studies (formerly the Central Advising Service and Transfer Center) is a comprehensive advising center for transfer students, students with an undeclared major, and pre-professional students.





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