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Diane SnowDirector: Diane Snow, Ph.D.
211 Funkhouser Building; (859) 323-2613;

Dr. Snow is the Endowed Chair of the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center and the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. She received her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and did her postdoctoral training at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Dr. Snow is a professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology. Her research interests include neuronal growth cone guidance and extracellular matrix molecules. Homepage:

OsbornPrincipal Investigator: Jefferey L. Osborn, Ph.D
101 Morgan Building; (859) 257-3988;

Dr. Osborn is professor of Biology and outreach professor of Biology for the NSF-Funded Appalachian Math Science Partnership (AMSP). His research interests include (in education) effective models of teaching mathematics and science among urban Suburban and rural K-12 students and (in physiology) regulation of arterial pressure; neural control of renal function; renal sympathetic mediation of hypertension; and control of blood pressure by the hypothalamus. Homepage:

ScheffCoordinator/Recruiter/Advisor: Ms. Suzanne Scheff
217 Funkhouser; (859) 257-2614;

Sue's background in advising and program development spans many years both in California (UC Irvine) and Kentucky (UK). Although she is not a native Kentuckian, she did receive her degree from UK in 1983 and is a big UK basketball fan. Her years spent in the UK College of Engineering as Director of the Women in Engineering program (1991 - 2005) "opened her eyes" to what engineers really do and the realization of how important it is for women to enter engineering to have input into tomorrow's realities. As AMSTEMM's coordinator/advisor, Sue finds her days full of rewarding experiences and wonderful students.

BadagliaccoFaculty Consultant/ Chair of the AMSTEMM Advisory Board: Dr. Joanna M. Badagliacco
1573 Patterson Office Tower; (859) 257-4335;

Dr. Badagliacco is Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Discovery Seminar Program, winner of the UK "Outstanding Teacher" award, and an expert and consultant on poverty and family homelessness in Appalachia. Homepages: and

HouglandProgram Evaluator: Dr. James G. Hougland, Jr.
1565 Patterson Office Tower; (859) 257-4417;

Dr. Hougland is Chair of the Department of Sociology, past Director of the UK Appalachian Center, an Appalachian scholar, and an expert on project evaluation. Professor Hougland's research interests include sociology of organizations, industry in community context, voluntary sector research, sociology of religion, and evaluation research. Homepage:

Hannah TrustyAdministrative Associate: Hannah Trusty
217 Funkhouser; (859) 257-2613;

Hannah Trusty has worked with the University of Kentucky for nearly four years and obtained her bachelor's degree from Eastern Kentucky University. She was raised in Eastern Kentucky and considers Kentucky home. She plans on obtaining a Masters degree in Photography.


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