31 Assignments - 3 Semester Hours

Welcome to the online version of English 251, offered through the Independent Study Program at the University of Kentucky. English 251 is a survey of American literature from the Colonial Era to the Civil War, with emphasis upon the more important writers, and with particular attention paid to their cultural backgrounds.

The instructor for this course is Anthony Ubelhor. If you have questions concerning the course or any of its assignments, feel free to contact me at ubelhor@mindspring.com. You may also visit my web page at <http://ubelhor.home.mindspring.com>. To take a look at some of the other courses I teach, with complete syllabi and examples of student writing, vistit my SyllaWeb at <http://www.uky.edu/~aubel2/courses/>.

A description of this course. Includes information about the textbook and course supplements, course learning objectives, the University Studies Program "American Studies Cluster," as well as general considerations on taking a course through independent study.

Practicle concerns, some words of advice, course policies, grading criteria, and instruction on how to submit your assignments.

A timeline of major events (to 1865) to help you position your readings in the broader scope of American history.

A listing of each of the 31 reading assignments for this course with links to each assignment's individual web page. Individual assignment pages contain introductory material on the author and work being studied, visuals, assignment questions, and a link for submitting your assignment online.

Independent Study Program:
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