Summer Environmental Writing Program
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Summer Environmental Writing Program

Conducted in eastern Kentucky's Robinson Forest, the SEWP is a four-week pastoral retreat that offers talented undergraduates and graduate students an unparalleled writing experience. It provides a rare opportunity for young writers to investigate one of the most diverse tracts of American wilderness, as they explore, through various genres of writing, their own connection to that land. SEWP immerses students in a natural environment of exceptional beauty as well as in an educational environment of open-ended interdisciplinary inquiry. Students will engage in various forms of field experience pertinent to a range of writing options: field notes, journaling, poetry, memoir, natural history, polemics, oral history, historical research, journalism, and collaborative projects.

"We go to wilderness places to be restored, to be instructed in the natural economies of fertility and healing, to admire what we cannot make. We go in order to return with renewed knowledge by which to judge the health of our human economy and our dwelling place."              -- Wendell Berry

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