Editorial Worklist

The following English graduate students and writing professionals are available for hire. Fees vary from person to person, and editors work for you as independant contractors not associated with the Writing Program.

Brooke Alexander
home: (606) 876-9118
e-mail: bsalexander@kih.net

George Bebensee
home: (502) 535-6149
e-mail: gbene1@uky.edu

Heather Bennett
home: 278-2008
e-mail: HLDBennett@aol.com

Christina Bentley
home: 335-1939
e-mail: cmitc0@uky.edu

Lisa Broome-Price
home: 335-0741
e-mail: lbroome@hotmail.com

Dan Elkinson
home: 277-8990
e-mail: djelki0@uky.edu

Finley, Frankie
office: 257-7055
e-mail: fefinl2@uky.edu

Rebecca Howell
home: 312-5025
e-mail: Rghowell7@hotmail.com

Terrence Tucker
home: 231-0016
e-mail: t_optimus@hotmail.com

Anthony Ubelhor
home: 269-8946
office: 257-6993
e-mail: aubel2@uky.edu

Liana Vasseur
home: 260-1710
e-mail: lianav@mindspring.com

Joe Wegrzyn
home: 257-6983
e-mail: jwegrzy@uky.edu