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Course Offerings

English 102: Writing II

Argumentative writing. Emphasis on development of a fluent, precise, and versatile prose style. Continued instruction and practice in reading critically, thinking logically, responding to texts, developing research skills, writing substantial essays through systematic revision, addressing specific audiences, expressing ideas in standard and correct English. Prereq: English 101 or equivalent. Note: Credit not available by special examination.

English 104: Writing: An Accelerated Foundational Course

English 104 is a course in writing emphasizing critical inquiry and research. Students in the course develop abilities requisite to framing and developing writing projects of a substantial intellectual character: abilities to comprehend, interpret, and respond to written texts; to locate significance and position oneself with respect to complex questions; to find and incorporate pertinent academic scholarship and other research sources, including personal experience. Students work to develop perspectives that take into account various forms of evidence and points of view; to engage in a range of writing activities to explore and express their experiences and perspectives; to research subject matter thoroughly and put readings in service of a stance or argument; to formulate a writing project coherently and organize it effectively; to observe conventions of standard written English in paragraphs and sentences; to edit, proofread, and revise effectively; to foster a fluent, effective prose style, appropriate to one’s purposes in writing. Successful completion of ENG 104 fulfills the first tier of the University Writing Requirement and prepares students for writing assignments they will encounter in a variety of other courses, including the second-tier, writing-intensive course that completes the Writing Requirement.

English 203: Business Writing

Instruction and experience in writing for business, industry, and government. Emphasis on clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness in preparing letters, memos, and reports for specific audiences. Prereq: Completion of University Writing Requirement.

English 204: Technical Writing

Instruction and experience in writing for science and technology. Emphasis on clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness in preparing letters, memos, and reports for specific audiences. Prereq: completion of University Writing Requirement.

English 205: Intermediate Writing

Instruction and experience in nonfictional writing. The emphasis is on clarity, conciseness, and the effective form in abstracts, in case studies, and in literature reviews for special audiences. Assignments include research and oral presentations. Note: ENG 205 fulfills no requirements of the English major. Prereq: Completion of the University Writing Requirement.

English 207: Beginning Workshop in Imaginative Writing (Subtitle Required)

Studies of special topics in writing, in areas such as fiction, poetry, and the personal essay. Topics announced the preceding semester. May be repeated under different subtitles to a maximum of six credits. Prereq: Completion of the university Writing requirement and consent of instructor.