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Dept. Political Science
Univ. of Kentucky

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Mark Peffley

My primary area of interest is the study of mass political behavior with a focus on racial and ethnic politics and democratic support in the U.S. and abroad. I was recently the inaugural Director of QIPSR, the Quantitative Initiative for Policy and Social Research, and co-edited the journal, Political Behavior. My research has been published in a variety of outlets and funded by several agencies.

Areas of Specialization: Mass political behavior, political psychology, racial attitudes and political tolerance.

Selected Publications (see my Research Page)

"The Impact of Persistent Terrorism on Political Tolerance, Israel 1980-2011," (with Marc Hutchison and Michal Shamir), forthcoming in American Political Science Review.

Justice in America: The Separate Realities of Blacks and Whites, (with Jon Hurwitz). Cambridge University Press, 2010. (2011 Winner, Robert E. Lane Award for Best Book in Political Psychology, American Political Science Association.) See the Washington Post feature on what the book implies for Trayvon Martin’s death, George Zimmerman’s acquittal, and the aftermath.

"Persuasion and Resistance: Race and the Death Penalty in America," (with Jon Hurwitz). American Journal of Political Science, 2007.

"Explaining the Great Racial Divide: Perceptions of Fairness in the U.S. Criminal Justice System," (with Jon Hurwitz). Journal of Politics, 2005.

"Playing the Race Card in the Post Willie Horton Era: The Impact of Racialized Code Words on Support for Punitive Crime Policy,"” (with Jon Hurwitz). Public Opinion Quarterly, 2005.

"Democratization and Political Tolerance in Seventeen Countries: A Multi-level Model of Democratic Learning,” (with Robert Rohrschneider). Political Research Quarterly, 56(3), 2003.


Previous Syllabi (Current Syllabi are on BlackBoard)

PS 473G -- Public Opinion
PS 681, American Political Behavior
PS 475G -- Politics and the Mass Media
PS 474G--Political Psychology
PS 711--009, Public Opinion and Political Communication
PS 491--005, Political and Racial Tolerance
PS 271-002-Political Behavior (Spring 2002)

Contact Info (please use email!)

1653 Patterson Office Tower
Phone 859 257-7033
Fax 859 257-7034