Proposal for a QISS at UK

(Quantitative Institute for the Social Sciences)



Welcome to the temporary website for viewing documents and announcements related to the proposal for a Quantitative Institute for the Social Sciences, or QISS.


Proposal Drafts

·         Click here to download a pdf copy of the current QISS proposal, updated 3-1-10.



Methods Speaker Forum


·         Steve Ziliak, Economics, “The Cult of Statistical Significance,” Oct. 23, 2009

o   See Steve’s website for reactions to, and reviews of his book. 

o   A response to Steve’s talk from UK Psychologist, Monica Harris: "Social psychologists have been making Ziliak’s argument for a very long time"

o   Steve’s rejoinder: "The Cult of Significance in Psychology" & additional articles by S. Ziliak & McCloskey:

a.       The Standard Error of Regressions

b.      Size Matters

c.       Significance Redux