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Faculty members and graduate students in the Social Psychology area conduct basic and applied research on social processes relevant to human thought, emotion, and behavior. Research strategies range from tightly controlled laboratory experiments to large-scale field studies. The principal aim of graduate training in social psychology is to develop a strong theoretical and research competence in the field; the ultimate goal is to prepare students for productive careers in research and/or teaching. Graduate students in the social psychology area work in a close mentoring relationship with a social psychology faculty member. Current research by faculty members in the social psychology area includes work in self-concept, self-regulation, power, interpersonal expectancy effects, stigma, social comparison processes, social emotions, social exclusion and acceptance, self-regulatory depletion, evolutionary psychology, interpersonal power, prejudice and stereotyping, eyewitness testimony, and jury decision-making. Opportunities also exist to work with faculty in other departments on campus such as Behavioral Science, Political Science, Management, and Marketing.
Want to know more about graduate training in social psychology at Kentucky? Click here to view or print a copy of our recently updated handbook for social psychology graduate students. You'll need Acrobat Reader to open the file.

Core Faculty Members
C. Nathan DeWall, Florida State University, 2007; Assistant Professor.
Harris, Monica, Harvard University, 1987; Associate Professor.
Kim, Sung Hee, Tufts University, 1991; Associate Professor.
Smith, Richard, University of North Carolina, 1985; Associate Professor.
Faculty Members with Related Interests
Berger, Philip (Martin School of Public Policy and Administration), Texas Christian University, 1969; Professor Emeritus.
Christia Brown, University of Texas, 2003; Assistant Professor.
Giancola, Peter, University of Georgia, 1996; Associate Professor.
Golding, Jonathan, University of Denver, 1986; Professor.
Milich, Richard, Washington University, 1976; Professor.
Last updated: September 20, 2007