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How Do I Make the Correct College Choice?

Academic Program

  • How strong is the school in your major?
  • Become an expert in your major; know what a school should offer, and see if this one does.
  • Undergraduate Majors.


  • How much depth and diversity is there? (Remember, 2 of 3 students change their major, so choose a school with several good programs.)

Size and Type

  • How large of a school do you want to attend?
  • Do you want a public or private school, liberal arts, comprehensive, or technical?


  • Do you want to go to school in a city or a small town, to a commuter school, or to one with a large on-campus population?
  • How far away from home do you want to be?

Student Body

  • Do you think you will fit in comfortably at this school?


  • What types of educational resources does the school have, and how available are they?
  • How talented and accessible are the faculty members?

Extracurricular Life

  • What is there to do outside of class?

Living Accommodations

  • On and off campus, where do students live and what do these places look like?
  • Don't rule out a school because of finances but look for living accommodations within your family's budget.

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