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Timetable for Success

Fall of Junior Year

  • Take the PSAT test

Spring of Junior Year

  • Take the ACT or SAT (you can retake it in the fall)
  • Begin reading publications and college guides prepare a working list of colleges in which you are interested

Summer and Early Fall

  • Call schools you are interested in for information
  • Begin visiting college campuses
  • Attend local college fairs and make contact with college representatives

September-November of Senior Year

  • Begin the admissions and housing applications process at 3-6 of your top schools
  • Start researching scholarship opportunities

December of Senior Year

  • Begin writing scholarship essays, making sure to meet all deadlines

January-February of Senior Year

  • Turn in scholarship applications begin the financial aid application process

Spring of Senior Year

  • Narrow choices to 2-3 schools and research these thoroughly
  • Choose your college from those which have accepted you
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