Agribusiness Club

2015 Chicago at the Federal Reserve Bank.
2015 Trip to Chicago at the Federal Reserve Bank. We know why Chicago is called the Windy City.

The Agribusiness Club brings together undergraduate students and local and national agricultural business leaders to promote the understanding of the business of agriculture and to give students an opportunity to learn many of the facets of agriculture that show up in almost all areas of our lives. By regularly meeting with these agribusiness leaders, students have a better understanding of the diversity of career opportunities in agriculture and what qualities and skills will be needed to succeed.


Members of this year's leadership team were selected based on a written application and an interview. The ten members of the 2015-2016 Leadership Team are, while sharing and participating in all areas of responsibility, have been selected to focus on the following areas:

Organization, Management, and Communications
Jessie Stewart
Elizabeth 'Liz' Bagnulo, Abby Martin, and Jonathan 'Zach' Waller
Erica Rogers, Shelby Wade and Tyler Uetrecht
Event Planning
Allison Henshaw, Mallie Myers and Drake Sproull

Together, with the help of Faculty Adviser Tim Woods and Academic Coordinator Erica Jane Flores they will plan monthly meetings with local business, an in-state trip and an out-of-state trip, a fall picnic, fund-raising events, and social events. They have also started talking about adding a service aspect to the club.

Guess who visited Elli
Guess who visited Eli's Cheesecake World in Chicago?


Meetings will be held each month. Most will be at a local agribusiness. Please check our Events page for exact times and locations. Social events will also appear on the Events page.


Membership is open to all undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture. While membership recruitment events are held primarily at the beginning of the Fall Semester, new members may join at any time. Associate membership is available to graduate students, teaching personnel, research and Extension faculty and staff within the College. All members are encouraged to participate and are welcome to help the Leadership Team. Membership dues may be paid each semester or at a discounted rate for the year.

Career Development

While networking with and learning about various ag-related businesses and industries, Agribusiness Club members are exposed to companies and organizations that may be looking for interns or full-time employees. Additionally, Club members are encouraged and guided to develop the leadership, communication, and organizational skills they will need to have an inpactful career.