Marvin Batte

Selected Online Publications

Competition between Local Dealerships and Internet Markets: The Role of Local Relationships, Risk Tolerance and Trust in Used Farm Machinery Markets
Brian E. Roe, Marvin T. Batte & Florian Diekmann.. Agribusiness: an International Journal. 30; 225-243; October, 2013. Description
Economic Experiment to Judge Farmers’ Willingness to Trade Distance and Taxes for Quality Extension Services.
Florian Diekmann, Cäzilia Loibl, Marvin T. Batte and Meng-Fen Yen. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. 34(3); 454-471; October, 2012. Description
Consumer preferences for local production and other value-added label claims for a processed food product
Wuyang Hu, Marvin T. Batte, Tim Woods, and Stan Ernst. European Review of Agricultural Economics. ; ; October, 2011. Description
Information Needs of Agricultural Consultants in Ohio
Florian Diekmann and Marvin T. Batte. Journal of Extension. 49:4; ; October, 2011. Description
How to Target Extension Resources to Different Age Groups: Segmenting the Public According to Interests and Information Search Strategies
Cäzilia Loibl, Florian Diekmann and Marvin T. Batte. Journal of Extension. 48:1; ; February, 2010. Description
Examining Information Search Strategies of Ohio Farmers
Florian Diekmann, and Marvin T. Batte. Journal of Extension. 47:6; ; December, 2009. Description
The Economics of Agricultural Information: Factors Affecting Commercial Farmers’ Information Strategies in Ohio
Florian Diekmann, Cäzilia Loibl and Marvin T. Batte. Review of Agricultural Economics. 31:4; 853-872; December, 2009. Description
Consumer Self-Confidence in Searching for Information
Cäzilia Loibl, Soo Hyun Cho, Florian Diekmann and Marvin T. Batte. Journal of Consumer Affairs. 43:1; 26-55; January, 2009. Description
Decomposing Local: A Conjoint Analysis of Locally Produced Foods
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Tractors on eBay: Differences between Internet and In-Person Auctions
Florian Diekmann, Brian E. Roe and Marvin T. Batte. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 90:2; 306-320; May, 2008. Description
Net Gains from ’Net Purchases? Farmers’ Preferences for Online and Local Input Purchases
Marvin T. Batte and Stan Ernst. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 36:1; 84-94; April, 2007. Description
Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are: Consumer Willingness to Pay for Multi-Ingredient, Processed Organic Food Products.
Marvin T. Batte, Neal H. Hooker, Timothy C. Haab, and Jeremy Beaverson. Food Policy. 32:2; 145-159; April, 2007. Description