Roger Brown

Selected Online Publications

Guiding Principles for Teaching with Technology
Roger Brown and Tammy Stephenson. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal.. 58(2); 174-175; June, 2014. Description
Remotely Guided Study Abroad
Roger Brown and Alex Thor. North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture Conference. University of Georgia. Athens, GA. June 16-20.. Description
Effects of Economic Growth on Biodiversity in the United States
Brian Czech, J. Busa, and R. Brown. Natural Resources Forum. 36; 160-166; January, 2012. Description
Applicability of Research Findings to Conservation Policy
Roger Brown and David Laband. Conservation Biology. 21; 549-551; January, 2006. Description
Species Imperilment and Spatial Patterns of Development in the United States
Roger M. Brown and David Laband. Conservation Biology. 20; 239-244; January, 2006. Description
Supply Elasticity Estimates for Disaggregated Paper Products: A Primal Approach
Roger M. Brown and Daowei Zhang. Forest Science. 51; 570-577; January, 2005. Description
The Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s Impact on U.S. South Stumpage Markets
Roger M. Brown and Daowei Zhang. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 35; 2056-2064; January, 2005. Description