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Carl Dillon

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403 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: 859-257-3267
Fax: 859-323-1913

Ph.D.Texas A&M University1991
M.S.Texas A&M University1988
B.S.Sam Houston State University 1985

Director of Graduate Studies

Farm Management, Production Economics, Mathematical Programming, Risk Management, Precision Agriculture

Faculty Advisor, Graduate Student Organization

Career Highlights

Interviewed for PBS Nova, MIT Technology Review, USA Today and USAG Magazine as an expert in precision agriculture economics
Nationally highlighted research in Farm Journal, Top Producer and Science News Online
Associate Editor for Precision Agriculture
Associate Editor (as the American Agricultural Economics Association representative) for farm management economics submissions to Agronomy Journal, a multidisciplinary outlet of the AAEA
Multiple invited refereed journal articles and presentations (including Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics and American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America and Soil Science Society of America)

About My Work

A quintessential scholar is enlightened, contemplative, inquisitive, open-minded, unconcerned with approval and happy in his or her pursuit of knowledge. Such a scholar, a seeker and discoverer of truth, is also balanced in research, teaching, advising and service success. A satisfying, worthwhile career can result from the irony of pursuing such a pleasurable lifestyle and yet benefitting society so greatly.

Teaching Philosophy

Motivation, communication, skill utilization and attitude of the teacher are fundamental to effective learning. Students can teach themselves more and better than I can teach them; my role is primarily to awaken their desire to learn and clarify issues about which they have questions (see Gibran, Kahlil. The Prophet. Alfred A. Knopf Publisher. New York, NY. 1923. p. 56-57). To the degree possible, education should be directed at holistic development, enhancing the student personally as well as professionally. Teaching useful concepts and skills increase the benefits of a course thereby motivating students. Communication, which is a two-way process, is required for effective learning. Attitude of the teacher is also highly influential to the educational process. Teacher performance, as measured by effective learning, is positively correlated with the instructor’s concern that students learn, interest in teaching and efficient effort in teaching.

Highlighted Publications

Schieffer, J. and C.R. Dillon. “The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Precision Agriculture and Interactions with Agro-Environmental Policy.” Precision Agriculture. 16,1 (2015): 46-61.

Dillon, C.R., J.M. Shockley and J.D. Luck. “A Spatial Economics Decision-making Guide for Conservation Reserve Program.” In GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume 4: Conservation Planning. T. Mueller and G.Sassenrath, eds. Invited refereed chapter. pp. 233-244. 2015. CRC Press.

Dillon, C.R. “Heuristic Optimization for Variable Rate Nitrogen and Seeding Decisions.” In Precision Agriculture ’13: Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Precision Agriculture. J. Stafford,ed. Wageningen Academic Publishers. Lleida, Catalonia (Spain). July 7-11, 2013. 761-768.

Vassalos, M., C.R. Dillon and T. Coolong. “Optimal Land Allocation and Production Timing for Fresh Vegetable Growers under Price and Production Uncertainty.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 45,4(2013):683-699.

Shockley, J.M., C.R. Dillon, T. Stombaugh and S. Shearer. “Whole Farm Analysis of Automatic Section Control for Agricultural Machinery.” Precision Agriculture. 13,4(2012):411-420.

Vassalos, M., C.R. Dillon and P. Childs. “Empirically Testing for the Location-Scale Condition: A Review of the Economic Literature”. Journal of Risk Model Validation. 6,3(2012):51-66.

Shockley, J.M., C.R. Dillon and T. Stombaugh. “A Whole Farm Analysis of the Influence of Auto-steer Navigation on Net Returns, Risk, and Production Practices.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 43,1(2011):57-75.

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