Carl Dillon

Selected Online Publications

A Spatial Economics Decision-making Guide for Conservation Reserve Program.
Carl R. Dillon, Jordan M. Shockley and Joe D. Luck. GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume 4: Conservation Planning.. 233-244; January, 2015. Description
Economic Considerations for Growing Industrial Hemp: Implications for Kentucky’s Farmers and Agricultural Economy
Lynn Robbins, Will Snell, Greg Halich, Leigh Maynard, Carl Dillon and David Spalding. January, 2013. Description
The Impact of Precision Agriculture Techniques on Kentucky Grain Farmers' Carbon Footprint
Brown, Rachael M.; Dillon, Carl R.; Schieffer, Jack; Shockley, Jordan M.. Southern Agricultural Economics Association 2012 Annual Meeting, February 4-7, 2012, Birmingham, Alabama. Description
Whole Farm Analysis of Automatic Section Control for Agricultural Machinery
Jordan M. Shockley, Carl R. Dillon, Tim Stombaugh and Scott Shearer. Precision Agriculture. 13,4; 411-420; January, 2012. Description
Estimating the Economic Viability of a New Crop Alternative for the U.S. Organic Market: Edamame - A Vegetable Soybean
Shockley, Jordan M.; Dillon, Carl R.; Woods, Timothy A.. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association 2011 Annual Meeting, July 24-26, 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Description
A Whole Farm Analysis of the Influence of Auto-steer Navigation on Net Returns, Risk, and Production Practices
Jordan M. Shockley, Carl R. Dillon and Tim Stombaugh. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 43,1; 57-75; February, 2011. Description
Cost Sensitivity Analysis on the Optimal Location of Technology Providers In Kentucky
Shockley, Jordan M.; Saghaian, Sayed H.; Dillon, Carl R.. Southern Agricultural Economics Association 2007 Annual Meeting, February 4-7, 2007, Mobile, Alabama. Description