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Kenneth H. Burdine



2017 – 2018 Kentucky Agricultural Economic Situation and Outlook
Contributors: Kenny Burdine, Todd Davis, Jerry Pierce, Will Snell, Tim Woods, (Ag Economics),Jeff Stringer, Bobby Ammerman, Chad. December, 2017. Description
Mobile Apps in Agricultural Economics
Jordan M Shockley. November, 2017. Description
Economic Resources for Improved Decision Making
Jordan M Shockley. July, 2017. Description
Economic and Policy Update, Volume 17, Issue 5
Will Snell and Phyllis Mattox, Editors. May, 2017. Description
January 4-9, 2017 Domestic Learning Journey - Southern California
Phyllis Mattox. January, 2017. Description
2012 Kentucky Equine Survey
C. Jill Stowe. September, 2013. Description
Understanding the Impact of Horse Shows and Competitions in Kentucky
C. Jill Stowe and Kenny Burdine. September, 2009. AEC Extension 2009-29 Description
Temporary Fencing for Horse Pastures
Kenny Burdine, Bob Coleman, and Traci Missun. February, 2008. CAFE Extension ID-165 Description
Equine Enterprise Budgets
Steve Isaacs, Reka nagy, Stephanie Goode, Kenny Burdine, Dick Trimble and Robert Coleman. March, 2007. AEC Extension 2006-03 Description
Using the Agricultural Economics Equine Enterprise Budgets
Using the Budgets: Kenny Burdine and Bob Coleman; Excel Budget: Kenny Burdine, Bob Coleman, Steve Isaacs, Reka Nagy, Stephanie G. July, 2006. AEC Extension 2006-03 Description
Effects of Management on Reproductive Efficiency in Thoroughbreds
Reka Nagy. July, 2006. Thesis Description