AEC 653 Local Economic Development

AEC 300 Topics in Agriculture: Economics of nonprofit Organizations

AEC 303 Microeconomic Concepts in Agricultural Economics

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David Freshwater

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409 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: 859-257-1872
Fax: 859-323-1913


Rural Development, Public Policy, and Finance

Current Projects

Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets In Transition; Analysing Industry-to-Occupation and Industry-to-Industry Dependencies and Linkages.

About My Work

My core research skill is applied policy analysis. This has led me throughout my professional career to be engaged with policy makers, either directly by working with government agencies or by working with organizations that in turn deal with government agencies. A consequence of trying to connect academic ideas and public policy is that I spend a lot of time away from the University working with government organizations and other public policy interests. In essence this is almost an extension type activity, but with a different clientele. Just as in an extension program, my current research helps inform public policy and current issues in public policy help direct my future research.

Highlighted Publications

Freshwater, D. and R. Trapasso 2014 'The Disconnect Between Principles and Practice: Rural Policy Reviews of OECD Countries.' Growth and Change.: Volume 45, Issue 4, pages 477498, December 2014.

Simms, Alvin, D. Freshwater and J. Ward. 2014 'The Rural Economic Capacity Index (RECI): A Benchmarking Tool to Support Community Based Economic Development.' Economic Development Quarterly 28:4 pp. 351-363.

Freshwater, David. "User Entrepreneurship: Defining and Identifying an Explicit Type of Innovation," organized session on Rural Innovation at the North American Regional Science Association Annual Meeting, Bethesda MD Nov 12-15, 2014.