David Freshwater

Selected Online Publications

Active Labour Market Policy: Implications for Local Labour Markets and Regional Development
David Freshwater. Financial support provided by the Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement. ; ; January, 2012. Description
Complexity and Obsolete Data Concepts: Canadian Farm Policy, and the Changing Structure of Agriculture
David Freshwater. January, 2012. AEC Staff 469 Description
Risk Management and The Role of Off-­‐Farm Income
David Freshwater and Simon Jette-Nantel. January, 2011. AEC Staff 471 Description
The Economic Well-Being of Farmers As An On-going National Public Policy Issue
David Freshwater. January, 2007. AEC Staff 468 Description
Rural Development and the Declining Coherence of Rural Policy: An American and Canadian Perspective
David Freshwater. July, 2007. AEC Staff 467 Description
Rural Development and the Declining Coherence of Rural Policy:
David Freshwater. June, 2007. AEC Staff 467 Description
Measuring Farm Net Income To Better Achieve Policy Objectives
David Freshwater. February, 2007. AEC Staff 466 Description
Canadian Support for Agriculture: The Evolution of Income Stabilization as a Basis for Policy
David Freshwater and Douglas Hedley. February, 2005. AEC Staff 453 Description
Applying Multifunctionality To U.S. Farm Policy
David Freshwater. November, 2002. AEC Staff 437 Description
The Search for Effective Rural Policy: An Endless Quest or An Achievable Goal
David Freshwater and Eric Scorsone. November, 2002. AEC Staff 436 Description
Delusions of Grandeur: The Search for a Vibrant Rural America
David Freshwater. April, 2001. TVA Staff 01-07 Description
Three Papers on Rural Development
David Freshwater. November, 2000. TVA Staff 00-14 Description
The Evolution of Rural Policy and Agricultural Policy in North America
David Freshwater. June, 2000. Description
Economic Development Cooperation Among Local Governments in the Tennessee Valley
Steven Brent Lackey and David Freshwater. November, 1999. TVA Staff 99-11 Description
Rural America at the Turn of the Century
David Freshwater. November, 1999. TVA Staff 99-12 Description
Ready or Not? The Rural South and Its Workforce
Thomas D. Rowley and David Freshwater. April, 1999. Description
Testing for the Effects of Federal Economic Development Agencies
David Freshwater, Timothy Wojan, Dayuan Hu and Stephan Goetz. April, 1997. TVA Staff 97-02 Description