Information for New Graduate Students

You have been accepted into one of our graduate degree programs. Now what? Do you know where you are going to live? Do you have a local bank account? How do you get around in this town? Are your math skill up to par?

Our goal on this page is to give you some resources to help you get started in a successful journey.

Graduate and Family Housing
Off-Campus Student Services Housing Locator
Off-Campus Student Services
UK Parking and Transportation Services
Lextran (Lexington Bus Service)
Blue Grass Airport
Louisville Regional Airport (SDF)
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport
Official Campus Map
Lexington Visitors Center
Lexington-Fayette Urban-County Government
This program is designed with two main goals in mind. First, to expose and provide opportunities for development of necessary math skills for AEC graduate students. Second, to address common cognitive problems first year students have that stand on the way of successful development of their math skills, such as cognitive overload, contextual understanding, absolute math expertise, and others. Since math skills are the basic tools that are necessary for a successful completion of the Graduate Program in Agricultural Economics (in particular the 1st year curriculum) the program needs to be incorporated during (or before) the first year of their Ph.D. program. Math Camp is scheduled 2 weeks before the Fall Semester begins. Additional information is available from the Director of Graduate Studies.
An orientation program is provided which is designed to (1) improve understanding on the part of the new graduate student regarding student responsibilities and privileges and departmental procedures, (2) improve informal communications among faculty and graduate students. The orientation program runs throughout the semester. Meeting times are posted to the graduate student listserv.
First Steps
  1. Activate your link blue account
  2. Apply or arrange for housing
  3. Get any needed vaccinations
  4. Check-in at Agricultural Economics to get your office assignment. Make sure all papers are turned in.
  5. Get added to the graduate student listserv.
  6. Meet with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and register for classes
  7. Attend Orientation
  8. Start classes
  9. Get involved