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Yoko Kusunose

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318 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: 859-257-7289
Fax: 859-323-1913

Ph.D.University of Califorina-Davis 2010
M.S.University of California-Davis2006
B.S.Stanford University 2000

Assistant Professor

Development economics, economics of information, food economics, crop genetic diversity

Current Projects

Assessing poverty dynamics in an arid agrarian context—socioeconomic mobility, disparity, and chronic poverty in pre-Saharan Morocco; A framed field experiment to learn about farmers’ understanding and use of probabilistic forecasts

Highlighted Publications

Rignall, K. and Y. Kusunose (2018) "Governing livelihood and land use transitions: The role of customary tenure in southeastern Morocco," Land Use Policy,, 78: 91-103.

Kusunose, Y. and K. Rignall (2018) "The long-term development impacts of international migration remittances for sending households: evidence from Morocco," Migration and Development,, 7(2): ?.

Kusunose, Y. and R. Mahmood (2016) "Imperfect forecasts and decision making in agriculture," Agricultural Systems,, 146:103-110.

Smale, M., Y. Kusunose, M.K. Mathenge, and D. Alia (2016), "Destination or distraction? Querying the linkage between off-farm work and farm investment in Kenya," Journal of African Economies, 25(2):388-417.

Kusunose, Y. and T. Lybbert (2014). “Coping with drought by adjusting land tenancy contracts: a model and evidence from rural Morocco,” World Development, 61:114-126.


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