Yoko Kusunose

Selected Online Publications

Governing livelihood and land use transitions: The role of customary tenure in southeastern Morocco
Karen E. Rignall, Yoko Kusunose. Land Use Policy. 78; 91-103; November, 2018. Description
The long-term development impacts of international migration remittances for sending households: evidence from Morocco
Yoko Kusunose, Karen E. Rignall. Migration and Development. 7(2); ; May, 2018. Description
Imperfect forecasts and decision making in agriculture
Yoko Kusunose, Rezaul Mahmood. Agricultural Systems. 146; 103-110; July, 2016. Description
Destination or Distraction? Querying the Linkage Between Off-Farm Work and Food Crop Investments in Kenya
Melinda Smale, Yoko Kusunose, Mary K. Mathenge, Didier Y. Alia. Journal of African Economies. 25(3); 388-417; June, 2016. Description
Coping with Drought by Adjusting Land Tenancy Contracts: A Model and Evidence from Rural Morocco
Yoko Kusunose, Travis J. Lybbert. World Development. 61; 114-126; June, 2014. Description