Yoko Kusunose

Selected Online Publications

Coping with Drought by Adjusting Land Tenancy Contracts: A Model and Evidence from Rural Morocco
Yoko Kusunose, Travis J. Lybbert. World Development. 61; 114-126; 2014. Description
Livestock Gross Margin–Dairy: An Assessment of Its Effectiveness as a Risk Management Tool and Its Potential to Induce Supply Expansion
Kenneth H. Burdine, Yoko Kusunose, Leigh J. Maynard, Donald P. Blayney, and Roberto Mosheim. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Volume 4; 245-256; May, 2014. Description
Dispelling Misperceptions Regarding Variable Rate Applications
Carl R. Dillon and Yoko Kusunose. Precision Agriculture ’13: Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Precision Agriculture. Description