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Tyler Mark

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417 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: 859-257-7283
Fax: 859-323-1913
Twitter Handle: @kytweeter55

PhDLouisiana State University 2010
MSPurdue University 2006
BSUniversity of Kentucky 2004

Assistant Professor

Production Economics, Renewable Energy, Agricultural Finance, Precision Agriculture, Risk Management, and Farm Management

Current Projects

Assessing the Risk Reduction Impacts of the Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program
Sponsor: USDA-ERS
Summary:The 2014 Farm Bill introduced a new dairy program aimed at providing risk protection to dairy producers. The Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program (MPP) should be available by fall of 2014. In an effort to inform the decision and policy makers of the risk reduction potential associated with participation in MPP, we propose an extension of previous collaborative work (LGM-Dairy program ERR No.163) between ERS and the University of Kentucky. While LGM-Dairy and DPMPP objectives are similar, the fundamentals that underline these programs are different.

Powering the Kentucky Bioeconomy for a Sustainable Future
Sponsor: NSF EPSCoR
Summary: Our mission is to address commercial and technological challenges that currently impede the emergence of a robust economy based upon adoption of new technology and sustainable practices in energy, agriculture, and the environment, in alignment with state and national strategic plans.

A Regional Program for Production of Multiple Agricultural Feedstocks and Processing to Biofuels and Biobased Chemicals
Sponsor: USDA-AFRI
Summary: This project involves a team of university and industry partners led by the LSU AgCenter, studying the regular production of biomass for economically viable conversion to biofuels and bioenergy using existing refinery infrastructure. Through new and existing industrial partnerships, this project will use energycane and sweet sorghum to help reinvigorate the Louisiana sugar and chemical industries.

Career Highlights

- C-FARE/AAEA 2014 Early Career Professional Leadership Award
- 2013-2014 MSU President’s Leadership Academy
- 2012 Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) Summer Leadership Institute
- 2012 AAEA Mentoring Program

Highlighted Publications

Mark, T.B., K. Burdine, and G. Halich. “How Sensitive are the Frequencies and Magnitudes of MPP-Dairy Indemnities?” Forthcoming.

Griffin, T.W., G. Ibendahl, and T.B. Mark. “How Spatially Clustered are State-Level Farmland Values?” Journal of the ASFMRA, 2015.

Salassi, M.E., L.L. Falconer, T.B. Mark, M.A. Deliberto, B.M. Hilbun, and T.L. Cooper. “Economic Potential for Energy Cane Production as a Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstock in the Southeastern United States.” AIMS Energy. Doi: 10.3934/energy.2015.1.25. January 2015.

Griffin, T.W., T.B. Mark, D.L. Dobbins, and J.M. Lowenberg-DeBoer. “Estimating Whole Farm Costs of Conducting On-farm Research on Midwestern US Corn and Soybean Farms: A Linear Programming Approach.” International Journal of Agricultural Management. Vol. 4. Issue 1. Doi: 10.5836/ijam/2014-01-04. October 2014.

Whitacre, B.E., T.B. Mark, and T.W. Griffin. “How Connected are Our Farms?” Choices. Vol. 29. Issue 3. 2014.

Mark, T.B., J.D. Detre, P.M. Darby, and M.E. Salassi. “Energy Cane Usage for Cellulosic Ethanol: Estimation of Feedstock Costs.” International Journal of Agricultural Management. Doi: 10.5836/ijam/2014-02-04. February 2014.

Salassi, M.E., K. Brown, B.M. Hilbun, M.A. Deliberto, K.A. Gravois, T.B. Mark, and L.L. Falconer. “Farm-Scale Cost of Producing Perennial Energy Cane as a Biofuel Feedstock.” Bioenergy Research. Vol. 7. Issue 2. June 2014. pg. 609-619. Doi: 10.1007/s12155-013-9390-8.


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