Leigh Maynard

Selected Online Publications

Livestock Gross Margin–Dairy: An Assessment of Its Effectiveness as a Risk Management Tool and Its Potential to Induce Supply Expansion
Kenneth H. Burdine, Yoko Kusunose, Leigh J. Maynard, Donald P. Blayney, and Roberto Mosheim. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Volume 4; 245-256; May, 2014. Description
Economic Considerations for Growing Industrial Hemp: Implications for Kentucky’s Farmers and Agricultural Economy
Lynn Robbins, Will Snell, Greg Halich, Leigh Maynard, Carl Dillon and David Spalding. January, 2013. Description
Support for Local Dairy Products Among Kentucky Consumers
Leigh Maynard and Chris Thompson. January, 2010. Description
The Effect of Conflicting Health Information on Frozen Salmon Consumption in Alberta, Canada
Megan Nickoloff, Leigh J. Maynard, Sayed H. Saghaian and Michael R. Reed. Journal of Food Distribution Research. Volume 3; 97-102; March, 2008. Description
Buyer and Seller Responses to an Adverse Food Safety Event: The Case of Frozen Salmon in Alberta
Leigh J. Maynard, Sayed H. Saghaian and megan Nickoloff. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. Volume 1; 77-96; February, 2008. Description
The Importance of Context in Determining Consumer Response to Food Safety Events: The Case of Mad Cow Disease Discovery in Canada, Japan, and the United States
Sayed Saghaian, Leigh Maynard and Michael Reed. Outsourcing, Team Work and Business Management. J.E. Moran et all (ed). Business Management Research. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppague, NY. 1-31; January, 2008. Description
The Effect of E. Coli 0157:H7, FMD and BSE on Japanese Retail Beef Prices: A Historical Decomposition
Sayed H. Saghaian, Leigh J. Maynard, and Michael R. Reed. International Association of Agricultural Economists-2006 Annual Meeting, August 12-18, 2006, Queensland, Australia.. Description
Hedonic Price Analysis of Thoroughbred Broodmares in Foal
Kelley M. Stoeppel and Leigh J. Maynard. June, 2006. AEC Staff 460 Description
Understanding the Market for Holstein Steers
Kenneth H. Burdine, Leigh J. Maynard, and A. Lee Meyer. June, 2004. AEC Staff 447 Description
Price Sensitivities for U.S. Frozen Dairy Products
Leigh J. Maynard and Venkat N. Veeramani. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Volume 3; 599-609; December, 2003. Description
An Experimental Approach to Valuing New Differentiated Products
Leigh J. Maynard, Jason G. Hartell, A. Lee Meyer and Jianqiang Hao. International Association of Agricultural Economists 2003 Annual Meeting, August 16-22, 2003, Durban, South Africa. Description
Assessment of the Risk Management Potential of a Rainfall Based Insurance Index and Rainfall Options in Andhra Pradesh, India
Venkat N. Veeramani, Leigh J. Maynard and Jerry R. Skees. American Agricultural Economics Association 2003 Annual meeting, July 27-30, Montreal, Canada. Description
Market Potential for Locally Produced Meat Products
Leigh J. Maynard, Kenneth H. Burdine and A. Lee Meyer. Journal of Food Distribution Research. Volume 3; 26-37; July, 2003. Description
Impact of Shelterbelts on Groundnut Production in Therilands: A Decomposition Analysis
V. Venkat Narayanan and Leigh J. Maynard. American Agricultural Economics Association 2002 Annual meeting, July 28-31, Long Beach, CA. Description
Go Ahead, Count your Chickens: Cross-hedging Strategies in the Broiler Industry
Leigh J. Maynard, Carl R. Dillon and Joy Carter. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Volume 3; 79-90; April, 2001. Description