Lee Meyer

Selected Online Publications

Economic and Policy Update, May 2016
Will Snell and Phyllis Mattox, Editors. May, 2016. Description
Organic Corn Production in Kentucky
Michael Bomford, Lee Meyer, Thomas Sikora, William Martin, Sam Mcneill, Mike Montross, Edwin Ritchey and Chad Lee. January, 2015. CAFE Extension ID-225 Description
Beef Enterprise Budgets, Ver. 2008-1.0
Richard Trimble, Kenneth Burdine, Greg Halich, Lee Meyer and Steve Isaacs. January, 2008. Description
Meat Goat Enterprise Budgets
Lee Meyer and Terry Hutchens. April, 2003. Description
Eastern Kentucky Meat Goat Budget Analysis
Alioune Diaw and A. Lee Meyer. May, 2000. AEC Extension 2000-11 Description