Lee Meyer

Selected Online Publications

Economic and Policy Update, Volume 16, Issue 5
Will Snell and Phyllis Mattox, Editors, May, 2016. May, 2016. Description
Grasshoppers Distribution: Lessons Learned and Lasting Legacy
Lilian Brislen, Timothy Woods, Lee Meyer and Nathan Routt. January, 2015. CAFE Extension SR-108 Description
Organic Corn Production in Kentucky
Michael Bomford, Lee Meyer, Thomas Sikora, William Martin, Sam Mcneill, Mike Montross, Edwin Ritchey and Chad Lee. January, 2015. CAFE Extension ID-225 Description
Beef Enterprise Budgets, Ver. 2008-1.0
Richard Trimble, Kenneth Burdine, Greg Halich, Lee Meyer and Steve Isaacs. January, 2008. Description
Understanding the Market for Holstein Steers
Kenneth H. Burdine, Leigh J. Maynard, and A. Lee Meyer. January, 2004. AEC Staff 447 Description
An Experimental Approach to Valuing New Differentiated Products
Leigh J. Maynard, Jason G. Hartell, A. Lee Meyer and Jianqiang Hao. International Association of Agricultural Economists 2003 Annual Meeting, August 16-22, 2003, Durban, South Africa. Description
Market Potential for Locally Produced Meat Products
Leigh J. Maynard, Kenneth H. Burdine and A. Lee Meyer. Journal of Food Distribution Research. Volume 3; 26-37; July, 2003. Description
Meat Goat Enterprise Budgets
Lee Meyer and Terry Hutchens. April, 2003. Description
Niche Marketing of Cattle/Beef
Emmit Rawls, Lee Meyer and Kenny Burdine. March, 2002. Description
Eastern Kentucky Meat Goat Budget Analysis
Alioune Diaw and A. Lee Meyer. May, 2000. AEC Extension 2000-11 Description
Using Drought-stressed Corn: Harvesting, Storage, Feeding, Pricing and Marketing
Donna Amaral-Phillips, Bill Crist, George Heersche, John Johns, Morris Bitzer, Fred Benson and Lee Meyer. May, 1988. CAFE Extension ID-86 Description