Consumer Reaction to Beef Safety Scares


S. Saghaian and M. Reed

This study examines the impact of two beef safety scares on retail-level meat per capita consumption and prices in Japan. The objective is t investigate the Japanese consumer reactions to the news of FMD and BSE discoveries, as reflected in the quantitiy and price changes in the immediate neighborhood of each event. Better understanding of consumer reactions to beef safety scares helps the beef industry restore consumer confidence after food safety crises and provides opportunities for national-level production differentiation based on beef quality and traceability.

Key Words: consumer behavior, food safety, beef, Japan.

* Sayed Saghaiaan is an Assistant Professor and Michael Reed is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky.

This paper is published in the International Food and and Agribusiness Management Review, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2007.

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