Instructions for Downloading and Using
Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Kentucky


Livestock Enterprise Budgets is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application that generates enterprise budgets from user-input information. There are 14 livestock budgets available for producers to use. They are: Cow Calf Spring, Cow Calf Fall, Replacement Heifer, Steer Backgrounding, Summer grazing, Hog Farrow-Finish, Hog Finishing, Meat Goat-Low Intensity, Meat Goat-Medium Intensity, Meat Goat-High Intensity, Sheep-Fall Lambing, Sheep-Early Winter Lambing, Sheep-Late Winter Lambing and Lamb Finishing.

These budgets reside in a Microsoft Excel file "budgets_livestock.xls". The user is able to change the default information in the budgets to reflect their production practices to generate a budget that is representative of their own situation.

Instructions for using the Livestock budgets are included on the introduction and table of contents pages of the spreadsheet.

Downloading and Installing the Livestock Budgets:

Click on "Livestock Budgets" download option either here or in page menu to the left. With most browsers, you will get a choice of saving it to your hard drive or opening it. Save it to a location on your hard drive. Remember the location where you saved the file so you can find it later. If your browser opens the file without asking you whether to open it or to save it, right click on the link and select "Save Target As" to save the file to your hard drive.

Opening the budget file:

Go to the folder/directory in which you saved the file and double-click on the "Livestock Budget" Excel icon. The file is named "budgets_livestock.xls".

IMPORTANT: When opening the budget spreadsheet, always choose to "Enable Macros". If you do not, the navigation and print buttons will not work. If you choose to "Enable Macros" and the navigation and print buttons still donít work, try the following:

In the Excel spreadsheet, select "Tools" on the menu bar. Under the Tools menu option, select "Macro". Under the Macro menu item you should see "Security". Click on "Security" and set this to "Medium". This will allow your computer to accept the macros. Close out of the spreadsheet and reopen it remembering to choose "Enable Macros".

To Print a Budget:

CLICK on the "Print" button at the top of each budget. This will print the page in which you are working.

To Save Budgets:

Click on "File", then "Save as..." give it a name of your choosing and click "OK". You do not have to save individual budgets. When you save a file, you save all of the budgets in that file.

To Exit the Budgets:

To exit the budget spreadsheet, always be sure to press "Save" to ensure your latest changes are saved to the file. You can press the "X" at the top right corner of the screen or go to "File", "Exit".

For More Information

For additional information about these interactive Field Crop budgets, please contact Steve Isaacs.

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