Rural Economic Development and International Development

Economic and Policy Update, Volume 17, Issue 5
Will Snell and Phyllis Mattox, Editors. May, 2017.
Economic and Policy Update, Volume 17, Issue 4
Will Snell and Phyllis Mattox, Editors. April, 2017.
Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intention
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The Effect of the Energy Boom on Schooling Decisions in the U.S.
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Economic Gardening and the Grow Kentucky Program
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Economic Considerations for Growing Industrial Hemp: Implications for Kentucky’s Farmers and Agricultural Economy
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Social Tradeoffs Between Health Benefits and Water Supplies in Rural Kentucky
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Rural Development and the Declining Coherence of Rural Policy: An American and Canadian Perspective
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Rural Development and the Declining Coherence of Rural Policy:
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Determinants of Young Adult Poverty: A ZIP Code Level Analysis
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An Econometric Analysis of Infant Mortality, Pollution, and Income in the U.S. Counties
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The Search for Effective Rural Policy: An Endless Quest or An Achievable Goal
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Independent High Growth Firms–Targets for Economic Development Policy?
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Survival and Growth of Young Firms
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The Maturation of Young High-Growth Firms
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Identifying Obstacles to the Success of Rural Business Incubators
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Occurrence and Needs of Outdoor-Based Tourism Businesses in Southwest Georgia
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Delusions of Grandeur: The Search for a Vibrant Rural America
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Employment Risk in Nonmetropolitan Counties in the Southern U.S.
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Targeted Economic Development Programs in Florida: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis
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Do Meta-Standards Help Pave the Rural High Road? Firm Strategies Surrounding ISO 9000 Certification
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Wireline-based Communication Access Technologies in Rural Kentucky
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Development by Design: Land Use Planning and Regulation in Rural Communities
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The Interactions Between Economic Growth and Environmental Quality: A Comparison of the TVA Region with the United States as a Whole
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Patchwork Income
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Identifying Employment Structure and Training Needs in the Louisiana Value-Added Wood Products
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Service Industries Have Powered Growth of Employment in the U.S. South in Recent Years: A Geographical Perspective
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Three Papers on Rural Development
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Employment Growth in Rural TVA Counties: Does Establishment Size Matter?
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Clusters in Rural Areas: Auto Supply Chains in Tennessee and Houseboat Manufacturers in Kentucky
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Entrepreneurship-Centered Economic Development: An Analysis of African American Entrepreneurship in the Southern Black Belt
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Social Impacts of Large Scale Economic Development Projects in the Rural South: A Longitudinal Re-Study of Vance, Alabama and the Impacts of Mercedes Benz
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Keystone Sector Identification
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Telecommunications Infrastructure in the Southeastern United States
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Community Opinions on Economic Development in the Rural South
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Worker Attitudes Toward Skills Training in the Rural South
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Federal Spending and Economic Growth in Southeastern Nonmetropolitan Counties
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The Informal Economy in Rural Community Economic Development
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Economic Development Cooperation Among Local Governments in the Tennessee Valley
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Rural America at the Turn of the Century
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The Prospects of High-Growth Enterprises: A Retrospective Analysis of Georgia-Based Firms
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e-Cities: Twenty-first Century Thinking for Small Town Living
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Impact of Foreign Exports on Tennessee Counties
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Ready or Not? The Rural South and Its Workforce
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Digital Telecommunications Technologies in the Rural South: An Analysis of Tennessee
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Internationalizing the Rural Southeast: The Determinants of Rural Sougheastern Manufacturers' Decision to Export
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Rural Telecommunications: Why Your Community Isn't Connected and What You Can Do About It
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International Quality Control Certification: Signal or Heuristic?
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The Long-Term Development of Local Retail and Service Spending in Rural Southeastern Counties
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The Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) and other official production identificaiton standards
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Examining the Seedbed Potential Characteristics of Certain Manufacturing Industries: A Case Study of the Houseboat Manufacturing Firms in the Lake Cumberland Region of Kentucky
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Small Business Creation and Economic Well-being of Nonmetropolitan Counties: The Case of Georgia
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Industry Clusters in the TVA Region: Do They Affect Development of Rural Areas
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Industry Clusters in the TVA Region: Do They Affect Development of Rural Areas - Supplemental Maps
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The Extent Friendship has a Role in Retiree Recruitment and Retention in South Carolina: Survey Results
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The Graying of the Rural Southeast: Shifts in Personal Income Composition
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West Virginia Attitudes Toward Economic Development
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'Fragile Virtue:' Rural Labor Market Response to a New Competitive Environment
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Testing for the Effects of Federal Economic Development Agencies
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