AEC 445G Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics

AEC 745 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

AEC 326 Principles of Environmental Law

Jack Schieffer

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405 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: 859-257-7246
Fax: 859-323-1913

Ph.D.Ohio State University 2009
M.A.Ohio State University 2005
M.B.A.Southern Methodist University 1996
J.D.University of Texas1992
B.B.A.University of Texas1989

Senior Lecturer

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Current Projects

Grape and Winery Contracting and Supply Chain Management. Co-project director (Co-PI). Project director (PI): Tim Woods. Sponsored by Southern Risk Management Education Center.

Benefits and Costs of Natural Resources Policies Affecting Public and Private Lands. Hatch/Multi-state project.

“Nanotechnology Preference Survey. Principal investigator. Research Activity Award. Sponsored by UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Highlighted Publications

Schieffer, Jack and Carl R. Dillon, 2014. 'The economic and environmental impacts of precision agriculture and interactions with agro-environmental policy,' Precision Agriculture, published online 10/10/2014, DOI 10.1007/s11119-014-9382-5.

Liu, Zheng, Angelos Pagoulatos, Wuyang Hu, and Jack Schieffer, 2014. 'Valuing the Benefit of Reducing Adverse Effects from Polluting Heating Fuels,' Social Science Quarterly 95(3): 868-881.

Schieffer, Jack, 2015. “Urban Water Management: Responding to Federal Regulation.” In Water in Kentucky: Shaping Landscapes, People, and Communities, B.D. Lee, A. Jones, D. Carey, and J. Burch, eds. University Press of Kentucky: Lexington, KY. (Forthcoming, 2015).

Schieffer, Jack, 2013. “The Neoclassical Economics Model: Extensions and Limits” In Comparative Decision-Making Analysis, Philip H. Crowley and Thomas Zentall, eds. Oxford University Press: New York, pp. 40-43

Jack Schieffer and Carl R. Dillon, 2013. “Precision Agriculture and Agro-Environmental Policy.” In Precision Agriculture '13,

Na Zuo and Jack Schieffer, “Are Resources Cursed? An Investigation of Chinese Provinces.” Selected paper, Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) annual meetings. Dallas, TX, February 2014.