Jerry Skees

Selected Online Publications

Disaster Resilient Microfinance
Stewart McCulloch, Jerry Skees, Jason Hartell, Daniel Bierenbaum, Benjamin Collier, Simon Young. July, 2015. Description
Drought Insurance for Early Response: Executive Summary
Jerry Skees. May, 2015. Description
On the Efficient Management of Natural Disaster Risk Using Credit and Index Insurance
Benjamin Collier, Jerry R. Skees and Mario J. Miranda. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association 2012 Annual Meeting, August 12-14, 2012, Seattle, Washington. Description
Increasing the Resilience of Financial Intermediaries through Portfolio-Level Insurance against Natural Disasters
Benjamin Collier and Jerry R. Skees. International Association of Agricultural Economists 2012 Conference, August 18-24, 2012, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. Description
The Potential of Weather Index Insurance for Spurring a Green Revolution in Africa
Jerry R. Skees and Benjamin Collier. AGRA Policy Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, June 23–25, 2008. Description
El Niño–Southern Oscillation–based index insurance for floods: Statistical risk analyses and application to Peru
Abedalrazq F. Khalil, Hyun-Han Kwon, Upmanu Lall, Mario J. Miranda, and Jerry Skees. Water Resources Research. 43; ; October, 2007. Description
Expert Group Meeting Report: Innovative Finance for Sustainable Development
Nienke Beintema, William Masters, Annik Dollacker, Jerry Skees, Olivier Mahul, Hermanth Valvekar, Joanna Syroka, etc.. October, 2007. Description
Challenges for Use of Index-based Weather Insurance in Lower Income Countries
Jerry R. Skees. 101st EAAE Seminar, Management of Climate Risks in Agriculture in Berlin, Germany, July 5–6, 2007. Description
Index Insurance for Weather Risk in Lower-income Countries
Jerry Skees, Anne Goes and Celeste Sullivan. November, 2006. Description
Is Area Yield Insurance Competitive with Farm Yield Insurance?
Barry J. Barnett, J. Roy Black, Yingyao Hu and Jerry R. Skees. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Volume 3; 285-301; November, 2005. Description
Assessment of the Risk Management Potential of a Rainfall Based Insurance Index and Rainfall Options in Andhra Pradesh, India
Venkat N. Veeramani, Leigh J. Maynard and Jerry R. Skees. American Agricultural Economics Association 2003 Annual meeting, July 27-30, Montreal, Canada. Description
Agricultural Risk Management or Income Enhancement?
Jerry R. Skees. Regulation, The CATO Review of Business and Government. 22:No. 1; 35-43; August, 1999. Description
A Brief Look at Farmland Conversion in Kentucky
Valerie Vantreese, Craig L. Infanger and Jerry Skees. August, 1998. CAFE Extension AEC-84 Description
Rural Land Preservation in Kentucky
Valerie Vantreese, Craig Infanger and Jerry Skees. June, 1998. AEC Extension 98-02 Description