Frequently Asked Questions

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Prospective Graduate StudentsProspective Undergraduate StudentsCurrent Graduate StudentsCurrent Undergraduate StudentsNew Graduate StudentsNew Undergraduate StudentsInternational Students
Do you take transfer credits?YesNoNoNoYesNoNo
Upon request of the DGS, a total of 9 hours may be transferred.
What is the GRE requirement?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
There is no minimum GRE score, but applicants are required to take the exam.
Should I contact faculty before applying?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Faculty do not make admissions or funding decisions, so in general the first contact should be with the Director of Graduate Studies. There is no reason to contact individual faculty members.
Can I go part time?YesYesYesYesYesYesNo
How many applicants do you accept?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
We accept all qualified applicants; there are no constraints on admission at this time.
What is the TOEFL requirement?YesNoNoNoNoNoYes
The minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 550 (paper-based) 213 (computer-based) or 79 (internet-based). Submitted scores must be no more than two years old.
When are decisions on applications made?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
We make admission decisions as the applicant files are completed. Research assistantship decisions for Fall semester are normally made in late March.
What is the link to UK Graduate Housing?YesNoYesNoYesNoYes
What is the link to UK Undergraduate Housing?NoYesNoYesNoYesNo
How can I waive the TOEFL requirement?YesNoNoNoNoNoYes
Waived for foreign student applicants who have completed an M.S. degree at an accredited English-speaking College or University.
Can the application fee be waived?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
For US Veterans and McNair Scholars, the application fee with be waived.
Do you have an interview process?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Can I start the program in the spring semester?YesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Should I submit the GMAT or GRE?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
What GPA is required for admission?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
An overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 and 3.00 on all graduate work is required of degree-seeking students.
What is the Institution Code for UK for GRE scores?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
What are the application deadlines for international students?NoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Fall semester - March 15; Spring semester - August 15
Are there additional admission requirements for the graduate program?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
All applicants should have three letters of recommendation sent to the department's director of graduate studies (DGS).
Do you take transfer credits? NoYesNoNoNoYesNo
Yes. Please see the 'Transfer Policies and Other Resources' webpage at:
Where can I find out about applying to the University of Kentucky as an undergraduate?NoYesNoNoNoNoNo
How do I apply for readmission?NoYesNoYesNoYesNo
Please see:
What vaccinations are required by the University?YesYesNoNoYesYesYes
As an international student, where should I go for help about the admissions process?NoNoNoNoNoNoYes
The International Center is a great place to start. Admission info is at:
How do I get a student visa?NoNoNoNoNoNoYes
The best source of information of international student visa is the UK International Center. The Student Visa Types page is
Where can I get a campus map?YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Is there a way for me to learn more about the American culture while I'm here?NoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Yes, the International Hospitality Program is a great place to start. (
How long does it take to complete the graduate program?YesNoYesNoYesNoNo
Typical completion times are 2 years for the MS degree, and 3-4 additional years for the PhD degree.
How long does it take to complete the undergraduate program?NoYesNoYesNoYesNo
The program is designed to be completed in 4 years.
Do you offer terminal masters degree?YesNoNoNoYesNoNo
What are prerequisites for course work?YesNoNoNoYesNoNo
Calculus I and intermediate microeconomics are most important . The prerequisites for the MS program are MA 113, ECO 391, and ECO 402. The prerequisites for the PhD program are MA 113, MA 114, MA 322
What are the areas of interest for research by the faculty?YesNoYesNoYesNoNo
Please check the AEC Research Faculty Directory at
Will a prior master's degree or MBA reduce the time it takes to complete the PhD program?YesNoNoNoYesNoNo
An economics or ag. Economics MS degree will reduce the completion time of a PhD. An MBA program is unlikely to reduce the time needed.
Do all graduate students receive financial aid?YesNoYesNoYesNoNo
No, there is a limited number of departmental assistantships. PhD students are the primary recipients of assistantships, but some MS students are also funded.
What is the application fee for the graduate program?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
The best place to get the current application fee and information is on the UK Graduate Schools 'Apply for Admission' webpage at:
What are the areas of research for which there is outside funding (grants)?YesNoYesNoYesNoNo
All research areas potentially have grant opportunities. Please check with the faculty members in your area of interest to see what they have available.
What is the tuition?YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
The best place for current tuition and fees information is the Registrar's Office. The URL for the Tuition and Fees page is:
How do I get financial aid?NoYesNoYesNoYesNo
Please see:
How much does it cost for an International Student to attend U.K.?NoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Please see: