For Advisors

Undergraduate Program

Graduation Requirements
  • minimum of 120 credit hours
  • at least a 2.0 grade-point average in one of the two program options
  • minimum grade of C in each of the four agricultural economics courses required in the major
  • minimum of 45 credit hours must be from upper division courses (300 and above)
  • In addition to UK Core requirements, students must complete college, departmental and support requirements.

Remedial courses may not be counted toward the total hours required for the degree.

Education Abroad

Spring 2016 - AEC 300 - International Agribusiness in Argentina

Graduate Program

Terms and Definitions

Advisor Hold
All undergraduate students in the College may not register for their next semester's courses until they meet with their advisor and have their "advisor hold" removed (a.k.a. "lifted"). Students may be restricted from registering for other reasons as well (e.g., unpaid tuition bills, overdue library books, parking fines, etc.). These "holds" must be "lifted" before the student can register for classes, but not before advising. Ag Economics students take their completed advising Registration Worksheet to Janene Toelle (Room CEB 413) to have their advisor hold removed.
Stands for "University Studies Requirements". All students at the University must meet these requirements.
N-8, Susan Skees or Advising Resource Center
Susan Skees runs the College's Advising Resource Center from room N-8 in the Ag-North Building. The office number is: 257-3468. Susan and the others in her office are excellent resources for questions about graduation requirements. Also, all students must go to N-8 to have their advising hold lifted after meeting with their advisor.
Plan of Study
A specific document (front and back of one page) that is a useful tool for students in their planning for graduation.
This is an online "degree audit" program that compares all the classes a student has taken to the requirements of any major at UK. Advisors can login separately and view any student's progress. APEX is now available through the Link Blue login.
Online Advising Appointment Calendar
Advisors may use an online appointment calendar to schedule appointments with advisees. This is currently handled through myUK and work with your Exchange calendar.
Advisor Success
All students are surveyed by Susan Skee's office after their advising appointments. This survey is used to provide feedback to advisors about their strengths and weaknesses. Advisors may use this survey as a checklist when advising.

Student Management

  1. Set up your Online Advising Appointment Calendar. Open some slots each week. Open some morning and afternoon times. Open some Tuesday/Thursday and some MWF times.
  2. When you get email notification of an appointment, send that student an email that renames the three requirements: a) consult APEX, b) complete Plan of Study, and d) select specific classes.
  3. Before meeting with the student, consult APEX. You may want to fill out a new or update a previous Plan of Study (or other tracking plan) for the student.
  4. During the advising appointment, make two kinds of suggestions. One, list for each student a "handful" (about 10) courses that he or she could take. Two, prioritize for each student which of those courses are most important to take next. Avoid selecting with or for students specific classes at specific times; this sort of "scheduling" can best be done by most students individually.