Undergraduate Program

Advising and Registration

Academic advising is a team effort. You and your advisor both work to ensure that you meet the University, College, and Department requirements so you can graduate on time. But meeting with your advisor is more than just getting the advising hold lifted. It is an opportunity for you to discuss possible careers and how your career choice affects your academic choices.

According to the Advising Syllabus, students are responsible for:

  • Knowing the requirements of their particular academic program; selecting courses that meet those requirements in an appropriate time frame; and monitoring their progress toward graduation;
  • Consulting with appropriate advisors designated to handle the kind of questions or concerns they have;
  • Scheduling and keeping academic advising appointments in a timely manner throughout their academic career, so as to avoid seeking advising only during busy registration periods; and
  • Being prepared for advising sessions.

Advisors will help you understand your options, goals and potential, and if you are lucky, yourself. Your preparation before seeing your advisor helps you get the most value from each advising session.

Advising and Registration Steps

New AEC Student
(1st semester Freshmen, Transfers from outside UK and re-admits)
Transfers from within U.K.Current AEC Undergrads

When you are admitted to the University of Kentucky, you will be contacted with instructions to attend orientation and advising sessions. During the advising session, you will meet with an Agricultural Economics advisor, who will guide you in planning your class schedule and help you register for your first semester classes.

After your required University sessions, you may contact
  1. Get a student file and/or permission to transfer from your current department
  2. Contact
  3. Schedule and Meet with Your Advisor
    1. Prepare a Plan of Study
    2. Prepare proposed schedule of classes for semester using APEX thru myUK
  4. Take your advising worksheet and change of major form to Ag. North, Room N8 to have your major changed.
  5. Log into the myUK portal to register.

You will be able to make an appointment with your AEC advisor online through myUK.

If you need an advisor or would like to switch advisors, contact:

  1. Prepare a plan of study
  2. Prepare proposed schedule of classes for the semester using APEX thru myUK
  3. Show up on time for your advising appointment or contact your advisor
  4. Take advising worksheet to to have advising hold lifted
  5. Log into the myUK portal to register for classes.

* See your advisor if you started your degree under a different plan.