Related Interdisciplinary Degrees and Programs

The following interdisciplinary degrees and programs combine the efforts of more than one department within the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and we are proud to be part of these programs.

Equine Science and Management Undergraduate Degree Program
The Equine Science and Management undergraduate degree program became official in 2009 and has over 300 students enrolled. The four-year, science-based degree program's curriculum has featured two main tracks for students—science and management. Under the new curriculum structure, which was approved by the University in May and will go into effect fall 2014, students will be able to choose among four emphasis areas: science, business, community leadership and development and forages/pasture management.
Natural Resources and Environmental Science Program
The Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) major is an interdisciplinary program that is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and field experiences necessary for a career in environmental science, natural resource management, environmental consulting, or for graduate work and training. Students tailor their program to their interests by selecting an Analytical Skill Development option area and an Environmental Systems Emphasis Area as key elements of their degree program.
Sustainable Agriculture (SAG) Program
Through UK's SAG Undergraduate Degree Program, students can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture within the Individualized Programs track. Students in other majors can obtain a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture. UK's SAG program is hands-on, featuring field-based coursework and an apprenticeship at the University of Kentucky Organic Farming Research and Education Unit.
Technical Systems Management (TSM)
Technical Systems Management is the hands-on application of engineering theory. Business, economics, and work-based learning courses replace the advanced mathematics and physics-based courses taken in a traditional engineering curriculum. With the addition of fundamental technical courses, the hands-on curriculum allows graduates to bridge the gap between engineering application and industry expectations. The Technology Systems Management program terminates in a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and is currently offered as an Individualized Program in Agriculture (IPA) in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment at UK, with four areas of specialization: Bioenvironmental, Mechanical Systems, Food and Bioprocessing, and Controlled environment.